Frequently Asked Questions

We offers Ethereum mining without buying any equipment. You are buying mining hashpower from us.

Once you purchase your hash, your hash will be autoamtically added to your account.

For now we accept few crypto , Perfect Money and more

We will notify if any new payment processor updated.

No. just purcahse your required speed and log out your account if you need.

Earning Ethereum depends on many factors, such as Block reward, Difficulty, Blocks mined etc and they can't be predicted. All the mined Ethereum will be automatically added to your balance.

All hash power will run for lifetime and has no expire.

Mining starts automatically once your purchase is complete.

Yes, We offer 10 days money back guarantee with no hidden fee.

Login to your account, Click on Deposit and Select Payment gateway then Enter your amount and Click on the deposit button and Process your payment.

Once you reach your withdraw threshold

Go to Withdraw Then Click the payment Ethereum gateway logo and make a withdraw

Payment will be processed in 24 hours

Login to your account and Click on Deposit then Select Earning Balance and Enter your amount then Click on the deposit button.

Feel free to contact us anytime

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